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Sunday, November 15, 2009 @11:33 PM

hello! I am on holiday from now until next year.
this is a picture post!

Terry Fox Run!

#1 Onwards!

#2 Wait. This doesn't look right.

#3 My Terry Fox gang. <3
They made me walk the 5km route!
jason jun wen chuen hoe yoong chieh sylvester I had a great time. Thank you for waiting. =)

#4 Then halfway through we decided to detour to istana! Because we are sesat people.

#5 This is a father and his kid. The kid is happily whizzing along on roller blades. The father terpaksa walk carrying his kid's shoes.

Shout-out to Syn Dee, who was volunteering on the day! and who nearly went deaf from rapid, continuous whistle blowing.

Shout-out to my parents, who drove me there, walked together and ended up finishing way earlier.

I loved the Terry Fox Run. Loved the atmosphere, loved that so many people could come together for a cause, loved that we could get up early on a sunday morning to walk together. For cancer research, you all. A great cause. =)

see you 2010!


Random INTEC pictures, in non-choronological order: 

#6 Yew Chong, fake proposing to Xiao Qi with a pasar malam ring and flowers for an english presentation. As soon as this started, every handphone/camera in the class simultaneously appeared.

A few days later, JPA reps talked to us seriously about the dangers of marriage during study. 'cannot simply get married!' When mentioned to Yew Chong later, he had forgotten that he ever proposed. Then he wondered what happened to the ring.

#7 A very sweet photo of Yew Chong, his second birthday cake in class and Q-En.

 #8 I think this malay guy in blue is super good looking but none of my female malay classmates seem to agree. (I don't THINK he reads this blog. Haha.)

 #9 My classmates seem to like gathering around stuff. This is some of them, gathered around Pn. Siva after Bio. Needless to say, Pn. Siva cannot be seen.

 #10 I made Amira a balloon poodle!
(Does anyone know where to buy the can-make-into-shapes balloons? I'm looking for them.)

#11 Steamboat! In our hostel, on Yin Li's birthday. It was good. =)

#12 Avinash and Joo Howe, dueting Apologise on the piano. Joo Howe very pro, no need to look at piano. Joo Howe will also kill me if he ever sees this. =/

#13 Sarah's piano playing is <3.

#14 This is a Daphnia. It is NOT CUTE. Whoever said it was cute was wrong.

Anyway, a Daphnia is a water flea, except it's not really a flea. It comes from UK, and it costs RM50 per Daphnia. We put it in caffeine and count its heartbeats for biology lab. Unfortunately its heart is very special and can stop beating halfway one. Also it will die in the middle of the experiment if you are not careful. Krishant killed 2 of them.

We named our Daphnias and amazingly enough, they mimcked their owners! Jo Ann Daphnia liked coffee, Sarah Daphnia flopped about the cavity slide. Ju Vern Daphnia allowed us to FINALLY collect enough readings to complete the experiment. Whee. We were last out of the lab.

#15 Microscope and lab coats!

#16 Oh that day someone told me about this research that needed DNA samples so I went to donate my DNA with Azim! So my DNA is now floating around somewhere on this sheet of paper, to be PCR-ed and what not. It was for a forensic masters student, who wanted to create something for racial profiling. She asked us to go find Indians for her, because she needed to find more Indian DNA samples. =/

#17 That day I was in the library! Falling asleep over bio! Then this fire alarm started ringing and this man started running around yelling for us to take our handphones and wallets and GET OUT!

so I blurly stood there, looked around, packed my stuff, and wandered to the stairs. Met Ming Ying there, who grumbled 'I was sleeping!' Everybody was running down the stairs - amazing how many people can fit in the library. There was this man videotaping the whole scene beside me. Haha.Then we all had to stand in the rain and watch these pegawai keselamatan do their thing.

This is INTEC. You really don't want to chase people out of the library in INTEC. =/

#18 Anyway, they had their fire safety drill and they abseiled off the second floor of the library. Then they chose a student and had him cling to a safety officer who abseiled. Then one dude abseiled upside down. Seriously though, if the library catches fire we are supposed to abseil?

#19 This is my math lecturer, teaching us in a very pretty conference room. Yeah, I take math and stats as extra subjects but I think the whole semester long, I only attended like, 5 hours of class each? Whee. Anyway, Pn. Yap gave us four siao people extra class before the exam. Super nice of her.

#20 Oh I must tell you about my Physics teacher, Mr. Cheong, who taught us for SIX STRAIGHT HOURS the last day of the semester. That is dedication, people. He was fulfilling a promise to finish discussing all our tutorials. <3

But halfway through, we stopped and had a class party. We gave him cake! The cake was walnut and delicious! also, really cheap. I was impressed.



One last photo.
Have a little Faith.

ju vern

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009 @2:05 AM



guess what melissa and I did?

I wrote on her facebook wall. A few minutes later she knocked on my door.



I love having the house to myself. I figure that's why I'm still awake.

Either that or old habits just die hard. I have physics in the morning later. And then should I go home?


I am so restless.

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ju vern

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