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Sunday, July 18, 2010 @2:25 PM


Friday, July 9, 2010 @12:42 PM

It just struck me that I'll miss these days.

3.30 in the morning. Slipping down picnic mats. Bread and cheese and sausages. Photoshooting on hilltops. Arguing over the price of satay in kajang.

Uncomplicated hours.

Bananas in fruit baskets. Ants on the picnic mat. Crickets in butter. Dizzying heights and a long way down. Lamb satay at RM1.20.

Don't you see? Life is balance - life will work itself out.


epic clouds. we left at an insane time in the morning and climbed through the forest in pitch black. but wouldn't you know it - nobody managed to catch the sunrise.

broga hill was crowded like a tourist area. as we were sitting by the roadside, this little girl came and walked right by us. we cheered her on. this caption is completely unrelated to the photo.

the view down. there were random little townships scattered around below the hill! and the lalang was pretty. =)

food! because what is the point of climbing all the way to the top if there is no food to eat up there? jason carried a basket of bananas. fortunately, no gangster monkeys appeared. the rest of us brought up sandwich materials, nachos, drinks and apples.

and then we started camwhoring.

but actually the guys started first! and they have many many many photos of themselves posing on top of boulders. 

the guys with their future album cover. 'the bragas'. don't ask why. hey I just realised the cloud looks like a bird flying!

us. and our boulder. <3


here's to friends, food, and broga hill! cheers.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010 @2:39 AM

Relay for Life
29.05.2010 | 30.05.2010
Majlis Sukan Negara, Bukit Jalil
Celebrate. Remember. Fight back. 


this is the field looking fantastic at 2pm, before it rained and rained and rained. we completely ruined the field after the 16 hours - you should have seen the mud. we walked around barefoot! It was horrifying.

It's hard to find words for the experience, somehow. What did we do for 20 hours?

Volunteer: ushering, balloon blowing, ice-cream eating, evolved to us - ju vern suraj xiao qi ming ying q-en ying ying rita sarah jo ann yew chong mugilan - sitting around in circles and laughing.

Sing, dance, listen, watch: there was a stage on the field, where we crowded around and sang Heal the World, danced to Glee, listened to Just Stand Up and Stand by Me, watched a 'Miss Relay' pagent.

Walk: around the track, and occasionally run around it when taking part in a scavenger hunt looking for the person with the longest hair or Dr. Delilah's mum at 3 in the morning. 

Take pictures: of course.

Meet people: Syn Dee, Jason, Sheau Wei and the team, Jeremiah, random Intec people wandering around, Ian from Monash whom we bullied into giving us a cenderahati.

and at random times in the night: collect free samples of Milo; pledge to drive safely; marvel at syn dee's athletic friends; get a foot massage; inspect the portable toilets; plan trips around the country, talk!


Randomness aside, tiredness aside, the night was about cancer survivors and the fight against cancer. Watching the purple-clad cancer survivors walk past us, heads held high, smiling - it was amazing. For them to brave the rain, for them to make the effort to support the cause was inspiring and selfless. Grace, and dignity. Strength. 

And then there were the cancer survivors who surpassed even that. We dragged Suraj to take a picture with this aunty dressed as a clown. Because he didn't like clowns. No deeper reason. But then I saw her smile as we took the picture and thanked her. Beauty.

Celebrate life. Remember love. Fight back.

Think of -


in memory of.

and in dedication to those who are fighting.
you are not alone. 


photos taken from facebook
with special mention to sarah chew for that beautiful last photo

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010 @1:10 AM

this is for myself - in case this trip we are planning doesn't actually turn out the way we imagine. =)


Endau Rompin, Pahang
(not on a pulau)

jason says:
 its on a pulau
 that's what i rmb frm geografi


random websites say:

Enter the jungle with a sense of respect and humility. Be as quiet as possible to avoid alarming other beings.

Tiger balm, iodine or medicated menthol oil (Minyak Cap Kapak) will also get leeches off. High-pitched screaming!!! doesn't seems to affect them much.


Syn D says:
 what happened to roaming the jungles, warding off leeches with tiger balm?
 we get basics of what stuff we can do there, rough it out in the wild.
 Rowen! says:
 with the leeches and the other beings? =(
jason says:
 yes! especially the leeches!
 how horrible!
 n u cant scream!
 it might alarm other beings!
 then u have leeches AND other beings

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Sunday, May 16, 2010 @1:28 AM

eh, random

sarah: were you high when you wrote this essay? you used a lot of exclamation marks.


oh, and random

azim, on the bus, holding a mike, the screen playing some malay song I've never heard in my life: ju vern! come sing!


some politics humour

a headline from google:

cameron & clegg: britian's hot new bromance

and from the star:

before elections
david cameron, about nick clegg: he's useless. he's a joke.

after elections
david cameron, about nick clegg: he's my deputy prime minister.

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ju vern

give ju vern a hug! =D




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